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Practice Areas

We specialize in various aspects of Information Regulation - when technology and data meet the law and the regulation framework. We bring our technological expertise as well as background as technology-oriented regulator to this arena.
Privacy & Data Protection


Informational Privacy is the 21st century regulation - the economics of information society are raising major questions about the rules that should apply while processing personal information.


During his term as founder and manager of Israel's data protection authority, the firm's founder gained a broad and deep understanding of the Israeli and International legal issues related to e-Privacy, such as: collection and use, data security obligations, biometrics, procedural and/or substantial aspects (database registration, inspection and correction rights, transparency, direct marketing, PII sharing among public bodies etc.)


The firm offers its unique expertise in regulatory criminal and administrative enforcement, providing an end-to-end consulting service, from the planning stage and to the finish line.


Cyber & Data Security

Data is the major asset in the information economy, and protecting it taps into a variety of legal sources - privacy and data protection, critical information infrastructure regulations, regulation by specialized regulators (banking, capital markets, health, utilities etc.)., Due to the importance of cyber-security to the state's national security strategy, Israel has recently begun building a cyber-security regulation framework. 


Based on our extensive experience and intimate knowledge of technological regulation, our office supports organizations by defining a cyber-protection strategy and its application in the corporate operations, as well as vis-a-vis the relevant regulator.


Another important expertise is providing technological, legal and media support in cases of data breaches.

e-Signatures, e-Evidence, e-Discovery

Most of the documents generated and stored today are in electronic format. This phenomenon challenges many evidential aspects during various legal proceedings: admissibility and weight of electronic evidence in criminal, administrative and civil proceeding; Evidential Chain of Custody; Privacy and Trade Secrets during e-discovery; Techno-legal solutions such as digital signatures (according to Electronic Signature Act, 5761-2001) to mention but a few.


Our experience in establishing digital signature infrastructure, teaching aspects of electronic evidence in leading law faculties and background in information crime investigation provide a unique and unequivocal expertise in the field.

Privacy by Design (PbD), Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) & Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)


Our office believes that some of the privacy regulation challenges can be solved by smart application of privacy protection technologies and structured procedures to develop PII-based products and services.


Therefore, we specialize in Privacy by Design (PbD), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and usage of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) and promote its application among our clients.

e-Freedom of Information

Valuable information in digital format is generated in public bodies, and advanced technological services can be built upon it.


We believe that public information in digital format (while protecting other values such as privacy and national security) should be free, and we assist our clients to get it according to the Israeli Freedom of Information Act, 5758-1998.

Credit Information Services

The Credit Information Service Law, 5762-2002 delivers the legal framework to establish Credit Information Bureaus (CIB) in Israel, and the reporting of negative and positive credit information upon the residents of the state of Israel.


The firm founder served as the regulator for this law, and he is acquainted with the various questions that arise from its operation by the CIBs, its effect on civil rights and the economic aspects of the law upon the Israeli credit market.

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