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Our Firm

Hacohen & Co. is a law firm specializing in Information and Technology Regulation - Privacy and Data Protection, Cyber and Data Security, Electronic Evidences, Digital Signatures and e-Discovery, Freedom of Electronic Information (eFOI) and Credit Information Services.


The firm was founded by Yoram Hacohen, who established the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA), Israel's data protection and digital signatures regulator and directed it during 2006-2013.


Our goal is to provide top-notch law & technology legal consulting services during the development and operation of an IT system. We believe that by supplementing a law and technology envelope throughout the entire lifecycle of a technological system,  time and money are saved and legal, operational and marketing risks are reduced This casing protects employee and clients' data privacy, applies to the information system's evidential aspects and protects IP assets along with other critical organization aspects.


Our clients include global and International firms that are represented in Israel, or plan to enter the Israeli market, whose activity involves major information regulation aspects. We also consult Israeli companies that develop IT products and services for the global and domestic markets.

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